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You incur no fees for our services - yet receive 100% of the full face amount of recovered checks, PLUS full reimbursement (up to $5.00) of your bank -imposed return fee.

Your own hassle-free check recovery program enhances your cash flow, frees up the cost and challenges of your own staff recovery efforts, and helps preserve valuable relationship with your customers.

You incur no equipment or processing (transaction, report, tech support or otherwise) costs with our program, and can put it to work with a simple, 1-page "authorization form" that you hand to your bank.

We help you break the cycle of paying too much for a guarantee, calling the check writer or waiting months to be paid a fraction of the face value of the checks using other services. We collect your money ELECTRONICALLY, without making your customers uncomfortable with letters or phone calls.

Instead, we turn your NSF checks into ELECTRONIC CHECKS and time them to reach your customer (check writer) on probable paydays!

ELECTRONIC CHECKS GET PAID BEFORE PAPER CHECKS. That is the way the banking regulations work, and that is one technique we use to recover your money.

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